Plant A Tree Using Potted Seedlings And Burlap Wrapped 

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Before you plant a tree, select carefully what tree to plant considering the season, the climate, the type of soil and many other factors for the success of the plant to grow in its best. 

After selecting a tree that is best for the place, you only need to learn how to plant the tree whether it is a container grown or a burlap tree and balled or tree sapling. 

Potted Seedlings

Before you plant a tree, read this tree planting tips and step-by-step instruction on how to plant any tree. 

For your tree to survive, plant it as soon as possible or if you are planning to plant later, you must put in a dark or cool place away from sunlight and be sure to keep the roots in the damp. 

Always make sure on the spot you are planning to plant your tree has no pipes or wires below so better ask first your local gas company or utility just to be sure. This is actually required by the law in some states.  

Planting a tree will take up to 30 minutes for a sapling and about an hour for container grown and always make sure when positioning the tree depth around the root flare, most common mistake is planting the root crown too deep.   

In planting a burlap tree, hold it using the root ball or roll it to keep the roots intact, never hold on the branch or trunk. Dig a hole 2-3 times as wide as the root ball and as deep as the tree. Slightly position your tree above the ground in your hole. It is indeed hard to tell the diversity between organic and synthetic because sometimes organic burlap doesn’t decompose properly so it’s better to remove the whole wire cage. Then hold the tree upright and then refill the hole with the soil you removed and pack the soil to get clear of any air pockets. Add 2-3 inches of organic substance and water.   

For a container grown tree, water the plant approximately an hour before to reduce transplant shock and also make it easier to remove the tree from the container. Never hold the tree on the trunk when moving the tree. Dig a whole as deep as like the container and 3 times as wide.   

In removing the tree from the container, just put it on its side. The tree will just easily slide out whenever you tap its bottom because you just watered and the soil is wet. If needed, just tilt the container but just make sure you support the trunk. Cutoff dead roots and tangled roots but make it vertical cut in the side of its root ball in order to loosen the roots.   

Same as burlap, slightly position the tree above the ground in the hole. Hold it upright and then refill the hole with soil. Pack the soil to get rid of at air and add about 2-3 inches of organic substance and water.   

In panting seedlings or sapling, you should handle it very carefully because it is very easy to damage the root or break the sapling accidentally. Dig a hole as deep as the tree and 3-4 times wider than its roots. Organic matter should be removed from the hole. Hold the sapling upright and then refill the hole with soil.    

Monitor the growth of your tree and learn how to take care of it.  You can as well as check this website to learn more about the proper care of your trees.  They are one of the tree services in Jefferson County you can seek assistance if necessary. 

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